Missions and goals (spring 2018 edition)

By now you may know that I hate writing autobiography. Even worse, I despise writing my own bio. This is something I have to do waaaaaay too often — whether for a new brochure or a web page, or in this case for a workshop I’m giving Saturday at the Sharing the Fire storytelling conference.

Bios of this sort are manipulative stories designed to impress. That said, I found the last paragraph I wrote about myself actually inspired me — which is kindof cool.

As a storyteller Mark Binder’s mission is to transmit joy.
As a writer his goal is to engage, enrapture, entertain and occasionally challenge.
As an American citizen his goal is to create a more perfect union.

I kind of like that, and I wanted to share it with you.
Thanks for reading and have an awesome day.


Cinderella Spinderella – Live Video – Elementary

This video is from my mini-Binghamton Tour a while back.
There were about 300 young people, all of them very enthusiastic!

One note: I’ve found that some parents get upset with the accident at the beginning of this version. Since then, I’ve tended to omit it. In the book, we moved it several pages in.


Watermelons for Freedom

It was the summer 1989.
What was I doing in East Berlin with a truckload of watermelons?
Ending the cold war!



The Boy Who Hated Pizza

This may be the only true story I tell. It’s really something that reaches across generations.

“The Boy Who Hated Pizza” is featured on the CD Classic Stories for Boys and Girls and in the book “Stories for Peace“. A variation called, “The Boy Who Hated Fried Matzah” is also part of the program and on the CD A Holiday Present


Who is Mark Binder?

Check out this promo video…

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Old Scratch Nickels and the Bloated Chicken Challenge

“knee slapping!”
—Motif Magazine

Originally released as part of the Patron Project — to get early access to this and other work, please click here to learn more about becoming a patron

Old Scratch Nickels and the Bloated Chicken Challenge

This is a live version of “Old Scratch Nickels”, recorded live at the RIBS Liars contest at the Mixed Magic Theater on January 19, 2018.

This story is NOT for children under 13. Please be advised.

Did it win? Well, it’s a liars contest, so no matter what I say you probably shouldn’t believe me.

Official release date for non-patrons on iTunes, etc: 2/1/2018

Musings Tour

Getting “them” to listen… A workshop at Sharing the Fire, the Northeast’s Storyelling Conference

Northeast Storytelling (Formerly LANES - League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling) LogoWhen I first started storytelling (back in the stone ages), I was amazed at Sharing the Fire — the Northeast’s premier storytelling conference. It was  wonderful, inspiring, encouraging and education. I still have some great friends from those days.

This year, STF  is happening from Friday, March 23 through Sunday, March 25 in Plymouth, MA.  I’m going to be giving a workshop called, “Getting Them To Listen” on Saturday at 1:30pm about how to communicate more powerfully.

If you’re a lover of storytelling, a storyteller, a listener, a teacher, a librarian, or just an ordinary person who’s curious, here are conference registration details:

Sharing the Fire has workshops, performances and swaps for every level. You’ll meet lots of people and hear tons of stories.

If you do come, make sure to say hi!

Musings Video

Chiri Bim – a story for peace through music

One of my “jobs” as a storyteller is to discover the origins of ideas. “Chiri Bim” was one of my favorite songs growing up, because I didn’t  need to learn any other words.  It’s featured in my book Stories for Peace and it’s part of my new program “From Many, One.” I’ve told this story in churches and synagogues, community centers and schools, theaters, festivals, coffee shops and even in an Irish pub!

A word of warning, the video and sound quality is about what you’d expect from somebody holding a phone up at the back of a coffee shop…


Musings Program

From Many, One – stories that unite

Democracy, diversity and heroism/ American stories for all

Stories inspire, teach and model future behavior. Storytelling is a way to bring people together — across age and economic and social and racial barriers. Listeners unite in a powerful and shared experience, and come away with strength that can transform the present and shape the future.

From Many, One is a program with humor and heart that transmits the message found on the Great Seal of America — that our nation is stronger for our diversity.

Stories include*


Cinderella Spinderella – performed at a high school

I’ve always been amazed at how reshaping a well-known story can capture the attention of even the most jaded listener.