The Last Hanukkah Candle

Will this be Rabbi Kibbitz’s last Chanukah?

The Last Hanukkah Candle - coverIt seems unimaginable, but I’ve been writing Hanukkah stories for more than 20 years. The first collection of these, A Hanukkah Present* came in second for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature! Since then, almost every year, I’ve added another story to the mix. This year’s story is a bit wistful, but ultimately redeeming. You can listen to it by clicking on any of the links below… Become my patron-logo    Listen on spotify-logoCheck it out on googleplay-logo       Listen on itunes-logo    Listen on Deezer-logo Listen on Tidal-logoPurchase on amazon-logo Listen on Napster-logo   I’ve only got about 10 copies of A Hanukkah Present in stock, so I’ll be signing copies at my office today and at Limmud tomorrow.  There are twelve stories, enough for every night of Chanukah and then some. It’s also on Amazon, iBooks, and Google Play Books, or you can the whole “Life in Chelm ebundle