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  • Cinderella Spinderella – Live Video – Elementary

    This video is from my mini-Binghamton Tour a while back. There were about 300 young people, all of them very enthusiastic! One note: I’ve found that some parents get upset with the accident at the beginning of this version. Since then, I’ve tended to omit it. In the book, we moved it several pages in.

  • Watermelons for Freedom

    It was the summer 1989. What was I doing in East Berlin with a truckload of watermelons? Ending the cold war!  

  • The Boy Who Hated Pizza

    This may be the only true story I tell. It’s really something that reaches across generations. “The Boy Who Hated Pizza” is featured on the CD Classic Stories for Boys and Girls and in the book “Stories for Peace“. A variation called, “The Boy Who Hated Fried Matzah” is also part of the program and…