Reads (and listens) for families, young people and adults

Mark has written more than 20 books and audio books for readers and listeners of all ages.

For  early readers, check out the Bed Time Story BookClassic Stories for Boys and Girls and the Parents’ Choice Award Winning Transmit Joy!

Elementary age is a perfect time to start reading on your own. Mark’s books are both classic—and fun! Check out Kings, Wolves, Princesses and LionsTall Tales, Whoppers and Lies, and the award-winning Cinderella Spinderella!

Middle students and adults with a sense of humor will love Mark’s latest book, The Zombie Cat and it’s sibling, It Ate My Sister.  Also pick from Genies, Giants and A Walrus;  It was a dark and stormy night…

Readers of literature will be challenged by Mark’s brief epic Loki Ragnarok, his limited edition A Dead Politician, An Undead Clam, And An Ancient Horror, and his novel, The Brothers Schlemiel.

Fans of Chelm will also love The Brothers Schlemiel, and two other story collections from the village of fools, Matzah Mishugas and A Hanukkah Present

“The stories are clever, with touches of humor that only adults will catch.”
—School Library Journal