Jewish storytelling for all ages

Looking for programs with humor and heart?
Want to inspire storytelling in your community?

Mark Binder has a huge array of original and true stories filled with laughter and delight. An award-winning Jewish writer and storyteller, Mark Binder will bring you a wide assortment of programs for young people, families, seniors and adults.

“Storytelling crosses generational boundaries,” Mark explains. “Broadening the minds of youngsters, it also connects adults with the joys of listening to literature.”

Mark Binder’s Jewish Stories are for ALL affiliations and EVERY generation.

Mark began writing stories and books of Chelm as the editor of the Rhode Island Jewish Herald. Since then he has written more than 100 stories and a novel of Chelm. His book, “A Hanukkah Present” was shortlisted for the National Jewish Book Award for Family Literature.

As a storyteller, he has performed for congregations and religious schools, senior groups, adults and high schoolers in synagogues, schools, churches and community centers across the United States.

Programs include

Hanukkah, Passover, New Year, Harvest, Springtime, Tu b’SHevat, Purim, Telling Family Stories, Challah Baking, Stories for Peace and Harmony, Wisdom, Food and Fools and more.

Drop us an email ( or call us at (401) 272-8707 for questions and to book dates.

You can check out his books and stories of Chelm here.

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