Stories and Books for Elementary Age

Cinderella Spinderella

Cinderella SpinderellaWicked Stepsisters, a rocking fairy godmother, and a very unusual chauffeur!

Cinderella Spinderella will be a family favorite for years to come.
You and your children will enjoy the story that has enthralled thousands upon thousands of listeners of all ages and backgrounds for more than a decade!

“Eleanor lived alone with her two stepsisters… even though she was in a wheelchair, they made her sleep downstairs in the basement!”

Digital Book World Finalist!  Ben Franklin Silver Award
“Marvelously told, beautifully illustrated.” -A.V. Club News

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Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions

Kings, Wolves, Princesses and LionsClassic stories retold with new energy and new tales that seem timeless
An excellent primer for young readers…  28 Stories for you and your family
Grades 1-3 and parents/caregivers.

Aesop and Anansi, Rapunzel, The Brave Little Tailor, Stone Soup, at Valley Forge and many more…

If you liked The Bed Time Story Book you’ll love, Kings, Wolves, Princesses and Lions. (You also will enjoy, Genies, Giants and a Walrus…)

These are stories children will enjoy reading by themselves, or with parents and caregivers. And the grown-ups will enjoy reading them, too. Includes dozens of evocative and humorous old-school and wood-block style illustrations.Award-winning children’s author, Mark Binder presents this collection of stories with the ear of a professional storyteller and the love of a parent reading to his family.

Part of the best-selling “Bed Time Story Book” series, this volume starts with simple stories for early readers, and then allows youngsters to stretch their skills. Bonus tips for reading-aloud at bed time!

Author and storyteller Mark Binder reworks, revises and invents stories that feel fresh while maintaining a strong connection to the past.

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Tall Tales, Whoppers and Lies – recorded live at the New England Folk Festival

Tall Tales CD CoverMark’s first live recording. All ages. And Story lovers..

53 minutes.
The Challah that Ate Chelm • Paul Bunyan Meets Babe the Blue Ox • The Tale of Bad Breath Bill • The PI Kid • Goldilocks and the Three Bubbes • The Brave Little Tailor.
Includes a bonus demo: The Two Monks and the Gross Slimy Monster: League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling Olio Winning Story

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A Holiday PresentA Holiday Present - Audi Book Cover

Who threw the first holiday party? What happened in the bakery on New Year’s eve?  What did Jack really get from the magic man?

Seven stories from around the world: Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah, Ramadan, Diwali, Solstice and the New Year. Plus an awesome multicultural song!

Recorded live before an audience of K-5, this is a perfect non-denominational celebration of the holidays.

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