Awesome Fun for Campers!

Campfire Tales • Spooky Stories • Tall Tales
Fun, funny, exciting, entertaining and excellent!

Sitting around the fire, hearing stories… Isn’t that what camp is all about? Even if you don’t have a fire, Mark’s stories keep campers enthralled!

Mark has a loud voice and sound systems for any size venue — indoors or outdoors. He has age-appropriate tales (and songs) for ages 4-16, and can do several programs back to back. If you have a theme for the week or the summer, let us know and Mark will have stories ready!

What kinds of stories does Mark tell? And yes, you can pick…

  • Classics like “Jack and the Beanstalk” or the “Three Pigs”
  • Original Adventures like “The Short Tale of Erika P. Spunk” or “It Ate My Sister”
  • Stories with messages like “The Wolf Cub” (sharing) or “The Boy With Bad Manners” (good manners).
  • Camp stories like “The P.I. Kid.”
  • Spooky Stories like “It was a dark and stormy night…” or “The Zombie Cat”

Remember, if you have a particular theme for the week or summer, let Mark know and he’ll bring stories that suit.

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