Storytelling and author visits for schools, libraries, camps, senior centers, parking lots, theaters and festivals

There is nothing like the hush of an audience as it leans in to hear one of Mark’s spoken-word stories. These aren’t moth-like tales of true adventure, but a blend of classic stories made modern, original fables that sound timeless, and flat out autobiographical lies (mostly for fun and without any political consequences.)

Transmit Joy Logo Can someone really tell stories for all ages*?
Yes. Mark’s passion is for a diverse audience of multigenerational listeners—parents and caregivers with their children sharing stories that need no digital devices.

His goal? Transmit Joy—with stories.

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*If your child is under 3, read them the Bed Time Story Book and have them listen to Transmit Joy! Live storytelling requires lots of attention.

 “a master at spinning old tales and everyday events into storytelling gold.”
– 2016 Parents’ Choice Gold Medal for Audio Storytelling