Edgy, experimental and “inappropriate” work for adults that pushes the boundaries while it engages

After decades of catering largely to children and families, Mark has sacked his inner censor and begun to dabble in work that might be “inappropriate” for younger audiences.

The Bark Minder Project was created in December 2017, with its first foray into the world by January of 2018. The goal is to experiment with new forms and distribution models while addressing issues and challenges of today.

And of course keeping readers and listeners deeply engaged and often amused.

One challenge has been the split-personality that this work induces*.

In addition to short audio stories and a live EP produced in Amsterdam, The Bark Minder Project has resulted in the completion of a new novel for Young Adults (and old adults with a sense of humor.)

For more info and links to published work, visit The Bark Minder Project 

*Note/Disclaimer — Mark is very sensitive about the work he does with young people and families. Unless specifically requested, there is no overlap between The Bark Minder project and his work with these audiences.