Politics as Unusual

Twice I’ve run for political office, both times against “powerful” political figures. The first was Patrick Kennedy, who voted for the war in Iraq. The second was Gordon Fox, speaker of the RI House, who corruptly blew $100 million in taxpayer funds on a video game, and ended up in prison for bribery.

Currently, I’m NOT running for office.

This was my campaign song from 2004:

In general, I don’t “tell” political war stories. They’re too controversial, and to be honest, a little boring to hear. Unless you get into dirt and rumor and gossip, which I don’t do.

I’m passionate about my beliefs, and from time to time, I’ve taken a stand against major political foes, with surprising results.

I’m not soliciting funds for any campaign at this time. I never liked doing that, and always would have preferred you vote for me without financial strings.

Instead, I encourage you to please purchase my books and CDs and invite me to come to your school or organization to tell stories.

Campaign History

  • In 2004, Mark Binder ran as an anti-war candidate for the United States House of Representatives against incumbent Patrick Kennedy. Kennedy was Rhode Island’s only Congressional delegate who voted for the Iraq war. Although Mark  lost, he received 26% of the vote. Binder spent less than $500 on this campaign. Patrick Kennedy has since retired from office.
  • In 2012, Mark ran for the Rhode Island House of Representatives against sitting speaker Gordon Fox. Although Mark lost, he received 42% of the vote. During this campaign, Binder was outspent by more than $100,000. Gordon Fox resigned in disgrace on March 22, 2014 when the FBI searched his offices and home. He eventually confessed to corruption, tax evasion and campaign finance fraud. Fox began serving a three-year prison sentence in July, 2015.

This was the TV commercial that ran in 2012: